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CA Inter Corporate and Other Law

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Corporate and Other Law

The Books of this like is on making the learning of LAW Interesting and Engaging. The Book adopt a “Learning by discovering” approach which makes it refreshingly different and a motivational read. Each important theme of the laws opens with a chapter having unresolved cases that bring out disputes arising from corporate practices and other common incidents. All important Chapter for Corporate and Other Law Course in this Book here.

The Student-in thinking through the cases and settling the disputes-discovers the concepts and principles that underline that theme and interpretation of the relevant legal provisions.

Chapter Information

  • Corporate

  1. Meaning and Nature of Company
  2. Incorporation
  3. Memorandum
  4. Article of Association
  5. Prospectus
  6. Share
  7. Transfer and Transmission of shares
  8. Register
  9. Public Deposit
  10. Buy-Back of Shares
  11. Charge
  12. Management and Administration
  13. Meeting
  14. Debenture
  15. Membership
  16. Declaration and payment of Divided
  17. Accounts of Companies
  18. Audit and Auditors
  • Part ‘B’ Other Law

  1. Negotiable instrument act,1881
  2. Bailment and pledge
  3. indemnity and guarantee
  4. Agency
  5. Interpretation of statutes
  6. The General Clauses Act, 1897

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