Exam tips for CA final law by N.K Singh

These are the master plan, I would like to tell you the strategy to prepare Law I order to score maximum marks.

CA final Law Exam Tips

  • Level of Questions in CA Final Law Examination.

 If you see the CA final Corporate Laws Exams Question Paper you will find it is quite lengthy due to the typical case study comes in the examination. It is not a question but client is coming under the face of question.  But you may make a plan to attempt questions properly and score more than 80 marks in corporate Laws Exam.

  • Whether length of Answer plays an important role to score in Law.

Length of Answer in not important but weight of Answer is important to secure in Law. Your Answer must be on to the point. Do not write the useless things in order to make your Answer Long.

  • Whether writing of Section number is necessary.

Yes, writing of section number is very much necessary. If you quote section number, it will give an extra value addition to you answer.

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